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What better way to learn a craft or specific skill than by working with an expert? In the construction and manufacturing trades this person is known as a master craftsman. Being an apprentice is an opportunity to learn from a master all the skills required to become proficient in that trade. Training lasts a specified length of time depending on the requirements of the occupation. The apprentice is paid for the on-the-job training and it covers all aspects of the occupation and includes on-the-job training and related classroom instruction.

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Youth Career Training offers high school juniors and seniors opportunities to prepare for a career while in high school. The program is a rigorous training system that combines on the job training with academic and technical instruction. High School students are trained at the workplace by skilled mentors and receive wages while they are performing their on the job training. “EARN WHILE YOU LEARN”.

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Looking for an organization to provide specialized training courses either on-site or off? NATF can customize a training program based on individual or an organization’s need. Our specialized training products and services are offered to provide individuals and employers with a solution to training needs without a long term financial investment. NATF can provide specialized training classes for management, dislocated workers, high school dropouts, new employees, and existing employees at a minimum cost. Courses are offered in both technical and non-technical areas.

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Popular Training Courses


Medical Training

With our hands on approach to teaching, by experienced professionals, we provide the students with real world skills training.  Those in demand skills are what employers are seeking for today’s jobs.


Information Technology

We are committed to providing high-quality training and documentation on the software and services. There are a number of options available including workshops, on-demand video training, help-sheets, and more.



We are the premier source of online education to address critical employment needs in the evolving telecommunications industry. Our education programs meet the needs of current and future telecommunications professionals.



Begin a career brimming with opportunity. Our Plumbing course lets you learn how to work with pipes, valves, and fittings; as well as repair and install water heaters, faucets, appliances and more.



Our electrician training program entails drilling down on the technical, scientific and math skills needed to successfully compete at every level of the industry.



Launching a career as a carpenter will give your hands skills that are in demand in the construction industry.Our educational programs meet the needs of current and future carpenters.

Skills Assessment

A skills assessment of an organizations’ current workforce identifies what skills your employees have and just as importantly, what skills they need. NATF utilizes a two part assessment system that evaluates the employees on both written and on-the-job skills (hands on). It is not the goal of the training program to use valuable resources on re-training mastered skills. The Assessment is comprised of 50% written exams based on the curriculum and 50% “hands on” evaluation.

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